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A Variety of Surveys for Marine Transport  

Located in Corpus Christi, Texas, Anderson Marine Consulting is here to represent your interests at the beginning and end of every shipping endeavor. Our team is here to serve your needs on the entire Texas coast. From the condition of the vessel to the quantity of the fuel, our team makes note of every detail. We provide you with everything from draft surveys to damage surveys. Our assessments are great for any type of cargo, including:

Windmills & Other Turbines | Pieces of Refinery | Modular Construction | Pipes | Structural Steel | Containers | Grain | Minerals | Aggregates Oil | Gas | Fertilizer

Extensive Records for Any Type of Cargo

Ensure your freight gets where it is going. We offer draft surveys which measure or calculate the weight of your load, ascertaining accurate quantities of your cargo. This service is available when loading or unloading a ship, and makes sure that nothing is added or taken away from your shipment.

Protect the merchandise you are transporting from damage with accurate cargo surveys. We inspect and confirm the condition of the freight before it is loaded and after it is discharged.

Our damage surveys are the best way to establish the exact quality of the cargo before it is transferred to your care. We keep track of any damage that has occurred before the materials are loaded on your vessel.

Repairing Damages

Our certified personnel fix damage to your vessel during the shipping process. When your crew is loading or unloading cargo from your hull, there may be an accident or two that leads to minor holes in steel or other types of damage. We offer customized repair services according to the extent and scope of the damage during your voyage.